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 Welcome To The Official S.H.O.T.I Page. Submit your music!

We Are Honest And Encourage All Artists To Take Constructive Criticism And Modify Their Music As It Is Needed.



  • Email your music to smashhitortrashit@gmail.com


  • Your Email Should Include Your Artist name, Song Name, and Social Media Usernames.


  • It is FREE to submit and be played/reviewed. We Offer Additional Paid Incentives, Listed Below.


  • It is $5 to be entered into the SHOTI Competition. For artists in the competition, your FULL song will be played. The Winner For The Competition Wins Free Line Skips For 1 Month. (See How To Pay At Bottom Of Page)


  • It is $5 To Skip Your Music To The Front Of The Playlist.


  • It Is $5 To Be Invited Into The Broadcast and Perform Live.


  • The TOP 3 SMASH HIT Submissions (Paid/Free) Win The Prizes Listed Below:


  • -Promo on Fb/Snapchat/IG and www.Tialauna.com

  • 1 FREE Photoshoot Valid for (2) professionally shot and edited photos

  • Email Any Questions to SmashHitOrTrashIt@gmail.com 


We Accept Payments Through "CashApp" And On This Website (PayPal)

  • To Pay With CashApp, Send Your Amount(s) SEPARATELY to $smashhitortrashit and type what it's for: (Competition, Skip Line, Or Perform Live)

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